Swim Evaluation Information

Swim Evaluations
Choose the level that best suits your swimmer. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Parent-Child Program
Children 6 months to 3 years. 

is an introduction to water with parent or guardian. Skills emphasized are:
  • Water comfort
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Socialization
Preschool Program
Children in the preschool levels should be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

  • This is an entry level class
  • This is the first class without a parent
Tiny Tuna
Your child is a Tiny Tuna if he or she:
  • Shows little to no fear in the water
  • Can front / back float with support and encouragement
  • Blows bubbles/attempts to submerge face 
Your child is a Frog if he or she:
  •  Can do 5 bobs
  • Floats on Back/Front with support
  • Swims independently for 3 body lengths
  • Kicks on front and back with support
  • Jumps in
Your child is a Duckling if he or she:
  • Can do 10 bobs
  •  Can tread for 5 seconds
  • Jumps into deep water, recovers, swims to wall
  • Swims independently (no barbell or bubble) with face in the water; attempts to "reach and pull" for 3 body lengths
  • Back crawls with support
  • Floats on back with minimal support
Your child is a Dolphin if he or she:
  • Can do 15 bobs
  • Can tread for 10 seconds
  • Can do a sitting or kneeling dive
  • Can do front/back glides
  • Back crawls for 1/2 width of pool
  • Swims front crawl independently with face in the water attempting rotary breathing for 1/2 width of pool

Youth Program
Children in the progression levels. Should be between the ages of 6 and 14 years old

Level 1
  • This is an entry level class
Level 2
Your child is a Level 2 if he or she:
  • Moves comfortably through the water
  • Can do 5 bobs
  • Demonstrates supported floating and kicking on front and back
  • Enters and exits water independently
  • Attempts to "reach and pull" with support 
Level 3
Your child is a Level 3 if he or she:
  • Can do 10 bobs
  • Retrieves underwater objects
  • Demonstrates unsupported front and back floats
  • Demonstrates rhythmic breathing
  • Performs combined stroke on front and back

Level 4
Your child is a Level 4 if he or she: 

  • Demonstrates deep water bobbing
  • Can tread for 15 seconds
  • Retrieves underwater objects with eyes open
  • Can perform front and back crawl for 1/2 width of pool
  • Performs supported breast stroke kick
  • Dives from kneeling positions   
Level 5
Your child is a Level 5 if he or she:
  • Demonstrates front and back crawl with rotary breathing
  • Performs breast stroke kick, attempts breast stroke arms
  • Builds endurance by swimming increased distances
  • Can tread for 30 seconds
Level 6
Your child is a Level 6 if he or she:
  • Demonstrates long shallow dive
  • Performs the front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke for increased distances
  • Performs open turn
  • Can perform butterfly kick
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